For Business Owners/ Operators

Our business consultation is for those who wish to 

1. purchase an established business, or 
2. launch a new one in Canada and to work in that business as its senior position. 

Do I Qualify as a FSW Owner/ Operator?

Read the following instructions,
Or talk with us and discuss setting up your unique business plan.

Qualifications of a FSW as an owner/operator:

  • You must demonstrate a level of controlling interest in the business*; and
  • You must prove that your entry to Canada will create or retain employment opportunities for Canadians and /or permanents residents and/or transfer skills to Canadians and/or permanent residents; and
  • You must retain a permanent position (must occupy a senior position or one of the senior positions in the company without the possibility of termination).​

Qualifying candidate for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program employment stream, on the other hand, is exactly the opposite^ that the applicant must not be a majority shareholder of the Company. Thus, the strategy of applying under New Brunswick program is different from the FSW program described here. 

Please talk to our immigration consultant if you think you cannot qualify under the FSW, but is willing to settle and start business in New Brunswick or any other Provinces that may have a lower criteria for immigration.

Other Important Requirements

  • A detailed business plan showing the business financing and creation or maintenance of employment, this plan must include a detailed financial plan and timeline of events and our consultant will prepare for you to be approved by you; and
  • You must be actively involved in the management of this business and must have be paid according to your qualifications and experience at a level equal to or greater than the median wage requirements in Canada for the occupied position; and
  • You must employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the first year of the company activities.
  • In the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System, a valid job offer will increase your score by 200 points for senior managerial positions or by 50 points for other positions, thus giving you a much better chance of receiving a letter of invitation to apply by the Canadian government.

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